Kate Callahan [Kate]

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I am an advocate of creative expression in my own life and those of my audiences and clients. In September, the Connecticut Music Awards named me Best Singer-Songwriter of 2013. I perform with my band Kate Callahan & Echo Joy in theaters, churches, coffeehouses, clubs, and house concerts. Our repertoire is original with covers of songs by Leonard Cohen, the Beatles, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and the Wailin Jennys. Our live concerts create space for audiences to experience the personal and spiritual joy of soulful music. Additionally, Art of the College Essay is my writing consulting service. Located in the ReSET coworking space, I guide students through the college and graduate school entrance essay process. My background in Creative Nonfiction and research on the college application essay garnered me the highest award for creative and educational achievement (URCAD) and the opportunity to present my research at a national research conference at the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse (NCUR). Art of the College Essay dispels myths about the college application essay and provides structure, motivation, and creative depth to each client's process. I am available for individual consultation and group talks on the Art of the College Essay.