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Bio: Robin, the founder and creative director of ME² Design Bistro™ , not only thinks outside of the box, she draws outside of the lines. The ultimate “creative type” with an eye for design and the gift of gab, she loves nothing more than moving words and pictures around on a page until they are absolutely just right.

An English major and writing minor with a brief foray into abnormal psychology, she began her circuitous career as a newspaper reporter before discovering her true love of page layout and graphic design. With the advent of the internet she witnessed the seismic shift from old technology to new and quickly learned to adapt her skills. Seizing the opportunity to get out of the darkroom – from cutting and pasting galleys on a light table – she made the leap to desktop publishing. The endless possibilities the Mac and programs like Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign offered enthralled her.

Prior to starting her own venture, Robin honed her technical and artistic skills at a design house, a commercial print shop, an ad agency and public relations firm. Before rebranding her new company under the name ME² Design Bistro™ in 2014, she was a solopreneur and founder of Sherwood & Company, a graphic design and communications service.

A long-time New England denizen and lover of the capital city of Hartford, she manages the business from the coyote-howling exurbs of Bloomfield, CT. When she’s not brainstorming and collaborating with her teammates, she enjoys hiking and kayaking with her husband Cary – an outdoor enthusiast and REI manager. Playing the piano, photography and searching for the elusive bobcat are her other pursuits.

Experience: Manage, direct and collaborate with creative team, clients, and print vendors to provide promotional, educational and event marketing and communication materials for print, web and mobile. Oversee projects for a diverse clientele in the association, hospitality, hotel & lodging, restaurant, medical and veterinary industries among others.

Business Profile: ME² Design Bistro™ (formerly Sherwood & Company) is a boutique graphic design agency. We are a small, enthusiastic team of digital creatives – professional graphic designers, prepress specialists and mobile mavericks. We conceive, design and collaborate with a variety of clients on marketing materials, print collateral and digital media for web display and mobile devices. We also happen to be the creative team behind the ME² Menu® and ME² Calendar™ concept – digital products and mobile editions designed for the hotel and restaurant industries that can be applied across a wide variety of markets.

This is an exciting year for us as we relaunch under our new company name and happily announce the fact that Newcastle Hotels & Resorts – a hotel management firm – is the first of our clients to team up with us to order both the ME² Menu® and ME² Calendar™ for some of their internationally branded and independently owned properties. Let’s just say, we’re kind of excited about that.