About reSET Business Factory

reSET is a Community. 

We are entrepreneurs, educators, innovators, investors and policy makers. We are committed to making our communities healthier, safer places to live through social enterprise. We believe that these businesses can successfully generate both purpose and profit.

Our mission is to promote, preserve and protect social enterprise, and to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of business to create public good. Strategically, our goal is to make Connecticut a national leader in social enterprise.
reSET's Community Space offers entrepreneurs with visions of all shapes and sizes a place that they can go to develop relationships, receive the type of support that they need to bring business to the next level, and contribute to a dynamic atmosphere of creativity and renewal within our capital city. In addition to making our new home a hub of entrepreneurial activity, we also hope that it becomes a desirable third place — where people like to congregate, socialize and learn from one another outside of home and work. We encourage you to drop by and check the space out!